5 Great Careers for ISFP Personality Types

ISFP personality types, defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are the fourth most common of the 16 personality types. Known as “Adventurers,” ISFPs are inspired by connections with people and are known as true artists.

ISFPs are known to be tolerant, nonjudgmental, deeply loyal, and supporting of others. They are continuously guided by core values and making connections with others, according to 16 Personalities.

So, what are suitable careers for ISFPs? ISFPs enjoy hands-on activities where they can see quantitative results from their efforts. ISFPs prefer work environments that are consistent with their morals. They are cooperative working with others, but truly enjoy working alone. ISFPs do not enjoy speaking publicly and desire independent work in aesthetically pleasing places. See below five best careers for the ISFP.

1. Police Officer

The bottom line is ISFPs need to choose careers that matters to them. Police officers tend to have strong inner values and enjoy work that aligns with those values. They treat their work place as more than just a job. As police officers, ISFPs work in a realm that is meaningful to them, but also provides variety – with each day being different than the last, according to Personality Cafe.

2. Social Worker

Monetary gain is not a motivator for ISFPs. Rather, they thrive when they know their work makes a difference. ISFPs form strong bonds with children and, at the end of the day, feel best when they know they have done genuine good in the world. As social workers, ISFPs succeed, because they have incredible perception of others, and are able to gather information regarding behavior of people quickly then use that information to discover underlying motives for such behavior. Social work has a real, practical purpose in the world and makes the ISFP feel fulfilled.

3. Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants (PAs) have autonomy to help others while working under physicians. The ISFP thrives in the healthcare field because they have opportunities for direct care of people, hands-on work and work as part of a team (without the stressful responsibilities of physicians). They are keen on paying close attention to details and facts, are helpful to coworkers and strongly respect supervisors. All of these aspects make ISFPs strong candidates for careers as PAs.

4. Interior Designer

ISFPs prefer working alone or one-on-one. As interior designers, ISFPs can work with a client part-time then do the majority of their work creatively and independently. An interior designer tends to work in a relaxed environment, without a lot of rules or rigid structures. In addition, ISFPs flourish when they do not have restrictions on personal time. ISFPs enjoy opportunities to exhibit their artistic and unconventional abilities, which makes for a strong interior designer.

5. Veterinarian

ISFPs are warm, sympathetic and love helping others (whether on two legs or four). They display compassion and empathy and love making a difference. ISFPs develop strong bonds with children, and also animals, and can use these ties to work as successful veterinarians in their community.

Overall, ISFPs need more than just a job. They yearn for meaningful careers that help others. Although quiet, they thrive in occupations that strongly display their compassion and kindness. ISFPs are “Adventurers” and will continue to use their unique abilities to help others through careers that exhibit their warmth and personal core values.

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